Boston SIMPLUS Multi-Action Solution

Boston SIMPLUS Multi-Action Solution

Product Profile:

Boston SIMPLUS is a multi-action solution designed to clean, disinfected, remove protein and condition GP lens surfaces. It is effective in removing debris and harmful organisms, while providing safety and convenience. A multi-polymer cushioning system provides comfort upon insertion by enveloping the lenses and creating a wettable surface or more comfortable lens wear.

Product Features:

  • Convenient single-bottle cleaning and conditioning system
  • No evening rub step required
  • No weekly protein removal required 

Benefits of Boston Solutions Lens Care System:

The GP Lens Care System, which most eyecare practitioner recommend.

  • Superior cleaning performance
  • Effective disinfection for healthier lens wear
  • Ultimate and lasting comfort 
  • Specifically formulated for all GPs including Ortho-K lenses 

Benefits of Boston SIMPLUS Multi-Action Solution:

  • For cleaning, removing protein, rinsing, disinfecting, conditioning, storing and cushioning GP contact lenses
  • A multi-polymer cushioning system provide comfort upon insertion by enveloping the lenses and creating a wattable surface for most comfortable lens wear

Directions for use:

1. Wash your hands with mild soap (Caution – pump soaps may contain oil-based suspension agents)

2. Place lenses in empty lens case and fill with fresh Boston SIMPLUS Multi-Action Solution. Soak lenses for at least 4 hours (or overnight) before wearing

3. Wash hands with mild soap before cleaning (rubbing) lenses. After soaking, remove lenses from lens case and rub both sides of the lenses carefully with 4 drops of Boston SIMPLUS Multi-Action Solution in the palm of your hand for 20 seconds. No separate daily cleaner is required.

4. Rinse for approximately 5 seconds with steady stream of Boston SIMPLUS Multi-Action Solution to eliminate loosened surface deposits and insert lenses.

5. Thoroughly clean interior of lens case with hot water and air dry after each use.

6. Discard solution 90 days after opening. Record date opened in space provided on bottle label. 

Note: when use daily, this solution will be depleted before 90 days.

  • For lens rewetting and lubrication, use Boston Rewetting Drops
  • Lens cases should be replaced frequently to avoid potential microbial contamination and ocular irritation.


To ensure proper hygiene and handing of contact lenses and contact lens solutions, always follow directions carefully.

  • Never reuse this solution
  • Always use fresh solution for soaking and storing lenses
  • Store solutions at room temperature. Avoid freezing
  • After inserting your lenses, always thoroughly clean the interior of the lens case with hot water and air dry after each use
  • Use before expiration date on the container
  • Always rinse lenses with Boston SIMPLUS Multi-Action solution after cleaning to eliminate loosened surface deposits.

Country of Origin
Country of OriginUSA
IngredientsA sterile, aqueous, buffered solution that contains poloxamine, hydroxyalkylphosphonate, boric acid, sodium borate, sodium chloride, hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, Glucam and preserved with chlorhexidine gluconate (0.003%), polyaminopropyl biguanide (0.0005%).
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