Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

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BIOSLIM Herbal Mixture Tea Bag

Product Profile:The effective and valuable ingredients contained in these plants under strict superv..


Eagle Brand Refreshing Gold Medicated Oil

Product Profile:Made from a special blend of peppermint oil and menthol, it helps to soothe and prom..


Eagle Brand Medicated Oil

Product Profile:Trusted for generations, Eagle brand Medicated Oil comes in handy for any handbag an..


Nature's Green Antelope's Horn Flu Tea 4g x 2Bags

Product Indication:This product is a good remedy for flu or common cold accompanied by fever, cough,..


Nature's Green Agaricus Blazei Mushroom Capsules

Product Indication:• Enhances the immune system, restores and maintain vitality, supports healthy en..


Nature's Green Andrographis Antiphlogistic Capsules

Product Indication:Common cold with fever, sore and swelling throat, oral ulceration, whooping cough..


Nature's Green Antelope's Horn Common Cold Capsules

Product Indication:Fever, headache, cough, dryness of the mouth and sore throat due to influenza or ..


Nature's Green Anti-Pruritic Capsules

Product Indication:• Helps relieve the symptoms of pruritic dermatosis such as pruritus, eczema and ..


Nature's Green American Ginseng Plus Cordyceps Capsules

Product Indication:• Invigorates the body, restores and maintains vitality, strengthens the immune s..


Nature's Green American Ginseng Plus Notoginseng Capsules

Product Profile:• The product is a special tonic that invigorates the body's system by restoring and..


Nature's Green Andrographis Antiphlogistic Tablets

Product Indication:For common cold with fever, sore and swelling throat, oral ulcerationWhooping cou..


Nature's Green Angelica Pubescens & Taxillus Tablets

Product Indication:Arthritis and rheumatism with painful sensations and stiffness at joints, lower b..


Nature's Green Activated Ginkgo Leaf Tablets

Product Indication:Enhances healthy blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain, heart and extr..


Nature's Green Brain Nourishing Capsules

Product Indication:• Nourishes the brain and calms the mind• Suitable for people engaged in heavy br..


Nature's Green Black-Bone Chicken & White-Phoenix Capsules

Product Indication:• Regulating menstruation and arresting leucorrhea• Use for emaciation and genera..