BioCalth Calcium L-Threonate 90 Caplets

BioCalth Calcium L-Threonate 90 Caplets

Product Profile:

BioCalth® is the only patent-protected brand featuring the scientifically researched ingredient, Calcium L-Threonate. Calcium L-Threonate is scientifically researched to help enhance bone and cartilage cell functions. Calcium L-Threonate also helps to maintain joint function and mobility.

 L-Threonate Acid is a key component of the overall formula and is one of the main metabolites of Vitamin C (in vivo). L-Threonate, a biocarrier for calcium, has specific influence in bone metabolism. It directs calcium passage through the intestine and deposits calcium in bones more efficiently. It also influences the biological activities or functions of Vitamin C and provides optimum supplementation of your dietary collagen and mineral needs.

BioCalth® is 95% absorbed by the body. That means more clalcium right where you need it - in your bones

BioCalth® helps promote your body’s OWN production of collagen, which is needed to help build & repair bone and joint cartilage. BioCalth® will keep you moving and active just the way you like it

BioCalth® is a natural way for bone health

Product Feature:

The ONLY calcium brand that owns THREE U.S. patents, a new generation of Calcium—— Calcium L-threonate  

Maximum bioavailability 

Maximum absorption: absorption rate of Calcium L-threonate is as high as 95%, compaired with other types of calcium in market

Without Vitamin D added: Vitamin D is usually added in products to help the absorption of calcium. Due to the high absorption of calcium L-threonate, no more Vitamin D is added in BioCalth supplement.


Product Benefits:

Promotes bone and joints health

Enhances the bone and cartilage cells’ functions 

Improves bone mobility and mechanics

Maintaining joint functions

Enhances collagen production


Take one (1) caplet three times daily with food or as recommended by your physician or health professional.

Country of Origin
Country of OriginUSA
IngredientsCalcium L-Threonate 775 mg, Calcium (element) 100 mg
Product Size
Dimensions (L x W x H)11.6 cm x 6.2 cm x 6.2 cm

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