Healtheries Ester-C ® 500mg Chewable Tablets

Healtheries Ester-C ® 500mg Chewable Tablets

Product Profile:

You probably already know some of why Healtheries Ester-C ® is better than ordinary Vitamin C. You might know it’s absorbed nearly twice as fast as regular Vitamin C.  Or that Ester-C® keeps supporting your immune system for 24 hours after you take it (ordinary Vitamin C only lasts 2-3 hours). 

You might also know Ester-C® is completely non-acidic, so it’s gentler to your stomach. But the BIG news is that Ester-C® is now available in a tangy, lemon-lime flavoured chewable tablet. So for great-tasting, non-acidic immunity support that’s absorbed quickly and lasts all day, try Healtheries Ester-C® 500mg chewable tablets.

Product Features:

Ester-C ® chewable tablets providers 500mg of non-acidic Vitamin C that your cells absorb nearly twice as fast as standard Vitamin c

Ester-C ® also lasts up to 24 hours in your body, compared with 2-3 hours for standard Vitamin C

Because it’s non-acidic, Ester-C ® is “The Better Vitamin CTM” for your stomach and teeth 

Great tasting lemon-lime flavor

Contains no gluten, wheat, animal products, dairy products, egg, soy, artificial colours, artificial flavours or preservatives

Recommended for:

Boosting you immunity to help you recover faster from colds, flu, or other common infections, assisting your body to heal cold sores, mouth ulcers, cuts, burns or pressure sores

Helping your body to heal common skin infections like acne or boils, and fight off fungal infections like candida

Helping to maintain joint health and reduce inflammation around damaged joint cartilage

Supporting your body during detox and cleansing programmes 

Strengthening your immune system when you are under stress or fatigued

Helping your body to heal broken bones faster

Topping up your Vitamin C levels if you are on medication such as aspirin or steroids, which can reduce your natural Vitamin C levels

Taking long-term if you are sensitive to the acidity of standards Vitamin C



For everyday health: Chew 1-2 tablets daily with food

To speed recovery: Chew 2 tablets 3 times daily

Children between 6-12 years: Chew I tablet daily with food, or as your healthcare professional directs

Country of Origin
Country of OriginNew Zealand
IngredientsEster-C ® (Calcium ascorbate-threonate complex – 500 mg, Antioxidant, Natural flavours, Artificial sweetener, tableting aids
Product Size
Dimensions (L x W x H)9.0 cm x 4.7 cm x 4.7 cm

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