Nature's Green

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Nature's Green Women's Tonic 30 Capsules

Regulating menstruation and arresting leucorrhea. Use for irregular menstruation with leukorrhea, an..


Nature's Green Watermelon Frost & Pearl Powder 2g

Soothes the sore throat and make the sound clear. Alleviates inflammation and relieves sore throat p..


Nature's Green Wandering Joint Pain Relief 60 Tablets

Dispels pathogenic wind and dampness and alleviates joint pain. Helps relieve the symptoms of wander..


Nature's Green Waist Pain & Soreness 60 Tablets

Helps relieve the symptoms of lumbago, lower back pain or soreness. Lassitude of extremities and lum..


Nature's Green Women's Cycle Health 24 Capsules

Regulate the women monthly sickness. Helps relieve the symptoms of menstrual disturbance and abdomin..


Nature's Green Thirst Relieving 60 Capsules

Helps adjust metabolic function and relieves the “wasting and thirsting” syndrome, including excessi..


Nature's Green Menocomfort 60 Capsules

Relieves the symptoms of hectic fever excessive sweating, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, irritabilit..


Nature's Green Dizziness Relieving Capsules

Product Indication:• Regulates blood pressure• Helps relieve the symptoms of dizziness, headache, in..


Nature's Green Bone Nourishing Capsules

Product Indication:• Help relieve the symptoms of bone-ache and arthritis caused by osteoporosis• Pr..


Nature's Green Gastrodia Headache Relief Capsules

Product Indication:• For intractable headache of long duration• Appearing and fading at frequent int..


Nature's Green Cooling Herbal Tea

Product Indication:• Clears the liver-heat• Used for headache, dizziness, fever, achy limbs, chest d..


Nature's Green Superior Sore Throat Powder 2g

Allays inflammation and relieves pain. Gives symptomatic relief for sore throat, oral ulceration, pa..


Nature's Green Women's Eight Treasure 60 Tablets

For deficiency of both qi and blood with sallow complexion, anorexia, lack of strength and irregular..


Nature's Green Middle Qi Tonifying 60 Tablets

Help relieve the symptoms of lassitude, anorexia, abdominal distension, chronic diarrhea. Shortness ..