Nature's Green

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Nature's Green Pearl Powder Sore Throat 60 Tablets

Relieves inflammation and detoxification. Relieve symptoms of sore and swelling throat, oral ulcerat..


Nature's Green Phlegm Dissolving 24 Capsules

Helps relieve the symptoms of asthenia heat with pertinacious phlegm. Cough with sticky sputum, stuf..


Nature's Green Qing Fei Clearing 60 Tablets

Heat in the lung marked by cough, yellow phlegm (profuse or sticky). Dryness of the mouth, sore thro..


Nature's Green Rhodiola 30 Capsules

It helps to moisten the lungs and arrest cough, and enrich and strengthen the body. It is used for s..


Nature's Green Red Yeast Rice 60 Capsules

As an auxiliary treatment for hyperlipemia. Relieving symptoms of lassitude, anorexia, headache, diz..


Nature's Green Rehmannia Six Formula 60 Tablets

Lassitude in loins and knees, dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, emission, night sweat and hectic fever..


Nature's Green Super Cordyceps 30 Capsules

This product is a powerful healer that invigorates the body's. It restores and maintains vitality, a..


Nature's Green Special Back Strengthening 60 Capsules

Relieve symptoms such as enervation of the spleen and kidney, weakness and soreness of the back and ..


Nature's Green Smooth Urination 60 Capsules

Supports healthy energy, consolidates the essence and diuresis. Used for chronic prostatitis and rel..


Nature's Green Stomach Pain Relieving 60 Capsules

For abdominal pain, fullness or distension in the chest or abdomen. Vomiting or stomach reflux, acid..


Nature's Green Sheep Placenta Facial Beauty 30 Capsules

For facial beautification, nourishing skin, and invigorating the vital energy. Used for dimmish and ..


Nature's Green Spur Relieving 60 Tablets

Nourishes loins and kidney and strengthens the tendons and bones, promotes blood circulation and rel..


Nature's Green Superior Joint Pain Relieving 60 Tablets

Helps relieve disabling joint ailments such as inflammation, swelling, pain, and difficult in workin..


Nature's Green Tongkat Ali 60 Capsules

Strengthens organic functions, restores and maintains vitality, energizes spirit. Increases stamina,..


Nature's Green Toothache Relief 30 Capsules

Relieves symptoms of swollen and painful gums, toothache or bleeding easily, and bad breath caused b..