Foot Care

Foot Care

We have a wide range of Foot care chiropody Supplies, many of which are podiatrist quality. Nail instruments, insoles, shoe insoles, orthotics, shoe inserts, gel pads for foot pain relief, solutions for sweaty and smelling feet, athletic feet, corns, bunions and cracked heels.

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Neat Feat Cool Foot Spray

Product Profile:Formulated by New Zealand Doctors Neat Feat Cool Foot Spray contains menthol and alc..


Neat Feat Foot & Leg Moisturizer

Product Profile:The Neat Feat Foot and Leg Moisturizer is a water-based cream with rehydrating ingre..


Neat Feat Roll-On Foot Deodorant

Product Profile:Developed by doctors, Neat Feat Roll-on has been medically formulated to prevent swe..


Neat Feat Foot Pumice Stone

Product Profile:Neat Feat Foot Pumice Stone can be used to remove dead skin. Use after exfoliating i..


Neat Feat Shoe Deodorizer

Neat Feat Shoe Deodorizer contains an antibacterial ingredient that destroys the odour. This al..


Neat Feat Foot Scrub Soap 150g

For smooth, clean feet. Removes ingrained dirt and dead skin. Contains kiwifuit seeds and crushed wa..


Neat Feat Foot And Heel Balm

Product Profile:The Neat Feat Heel balm is an oil-based product, this enables the balm to stay over ..


Neat Feat Shoe Powder

Product Profile:Applying Neat Feat Shoe Powder to the feet on a daily basis will reduce the amount o..


Neat Feat Neat 3B Action Cream

Product Profile:Incorporates an effective antiperspirant in an emollient, soothing cream base for ap..


Neat Feat Maximum Foot Support (Sizes SML)

Product Profile:Neat Feat Maximum Foot Supports offer three-quarter length support that don’t pack d..


Neat Feat Arch Cushion (Sizes SML)

Product Profile:Neat Feat's innovative Arch Cushions provide extra support for your feet, heels, and..


Neat Feat Spur Pads

Product Profile:Neat Feat Spur Pads have been designed to relieve heel spur pressure and inflammatio..


Neat Feat Sport hi-impact stabilizer in-soles

Product Profile:Feel pain reilef for lower back, hips, knees, foot, heels, arches. Specially designe..


Neat Feat Diabetic self-moulding in-soles

Product Profile:Neat Feat Diabetic self-moulding in-sole has been specifically designed for people s..


Neat Feat Insoles Full Length (Sizes SML)

Product Profiles:The Neat Feat Full Length Cushioning Insole has a unique construction that catches ..