Nature's Green

Nature's Green

Nature's Green is a well-known brand of TCM and health care products locally produced by Tong Jun Chew Pte Ltd in Singapore. 

Nature's Green have more than 400 varieties of products, in the form of tablets, capsules, granules, powder and tea sachets. Among them, the film-coated tablets are the dominant product, not only do they greatly improve drug stability, but also enhance the appearance and image of TCM. 

Nature's Green is now a proud recipient of the Singapore Prestige Brand Award for Established Brands. 

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Nature's Green Agaricus Blazei Mushroom Capsules

Product Indication:• Enhances the immune system, restores and maintain vitality, supports healthy en..


Nature's Green Andrographis Antiphlogistic Capsules

Product Indication:Common cold with fever, sore and swelling throat, oral ulceration, whooping cough..


Nature's Green Anti-Pruritic Capsules

Product Indication:• Helps relieve the symptoms of pruritic dermatosis such as pruritus, eczema and ..


Nature's Green American Ginseng Plus Cordyceps Capsules

Product Indication:• Invigorates the body, restores and maintains vitality, strengthens the immune s..


Nature's Green American Ginseng Plus Notoginseng Capsules

Product Profile:• The product is a special tonic that invigorates the body's system by restoring and..


Nature's Green Andrographis Antiphlogistic Tablets

Product Indication:For common cold with fever, sore and swelling throat, oral ulcerationWhooping cou..


Nature's Green Angelica Pubescens & Taxillus Tablets

Product Indication:Arthritis and rheumatism with painful sensations and stiffness at joints, lower b..


Nature's Green Activated Ginkgo Leaf Tablets

Product Indication:Enhances healthy blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain, heart and extr..


Nature's Green Brain Nourishing Capsules

Product Indication:• Nourishes the brain and calms the mind• Suitable for people engaged in heavy br..


Nature's Green Black-Bone Chicken & White-Phoenix Capsules

Product Indication:• Regulating menstruation and arresting leucorrhea• Use for emaciation and genera..


Nature’s Green Back Strengthening Tablets

Product Indication:• Relieves symptoms such as weakness and soreness of waist and knees, vertigo, ti..


Nature's Green Cordyceps Vigour Capsules

Product Indication:• Strengthens organic functions, vitalizes spirit and stamina• Relieves symptoms ..


Nature's Green Constipation Capsules

Product Indication:• Moistens intestine, cleans the bowel, and expels toxic waste materials• Used fo..


Nature's Green Cordyceps Cough Relieving Tablets

Product Indication:• Nourishes lung, stops cough, and resolves phlegm• Used for cough, asthma and ch..


Nature's Green Cow-Bezoar Sores Relieving Tablets

Product Indication:• Helps relieve the symptoms of sore throat, swollen and painful gums, ulcers in ..