Nature's Green

Nature's Green

Nature's Green is a well-known brand of TCM and health care products locally produced by Tong Jun Chew Pte Ltd in Singapore. 

Nature's Green have more than 400 varieties of products, in the form of tablets, capsules, granules, powder and tea sachets. Among them, the film-coated tablets are the dominant product, not only do they greatly improve drug stability, but also enhance the appearance and image of TCM. 

Nature's Green is now a proud recipient of the Singapore Prestige Brand Award for Established Brands. 

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Nature's Green Pure Eucommia Capsules

Product Indication:• Strengthens the tendons and bones• Relieves weakness and pain in the waist and ..


Nature's Green Elderly Constipation Capsules

Product Indication:• Moistens intestine and cleans the bowel• Used for constipation, dry stools, abd..


Nature's Green Ear Ringing Tablets

Product Indication:• Tinnitus, lowering of auditory sensitivity, dizziness and dim visionDirection o..


Nature's Green Eyes Health Tablets

Product Indication:• Nourishes the kidneys and brightens eyes• This product helps improve the visual..


Nature's Green Fritillary Cough Relieving Capsules

Product Indication:• Relieves cough and eliminates phlegm• Used for coughs due to common cold, asthm..


Nature's Green Gastrodia Capsules

Product Indication:• Relieves symptoms of headache, dizziness, numbness of limbs, tense tendons, and..


Nature's Green Ganoderma Capsules

Product Indication:• Relieves symptoms of insomnia, distraction, fatigue, weakness, cough• Lack of v..


Nature’s Green Goodnight Capsules

Product Indication:• Relieves the symptoms of insomnia, abnormal dreams, dizziness, fatigue and neur..


Nature's Green Golden Throat Clearing Tablets

Product Indication:• Used for sore throat, hoarse voice, chronic pharyngitis and laryngitis due to l..


Nature's Green Gallbladder Support Tablets

Product Indication:• Used for distending pain in the hypochondrium, fever, yellow urine and constipa..


Nature's Green Heel Pain Relief Capsules

Product Profile:• Helps relieve disabling foot ailments such as heel pain on one or two sides, and d..


Nature's Green High Strength Men's Tonic 30 Capsules

Strengthens organic functions, energize spirit and stamina. Relieves symptoms such as weakness and s..


Nature's Green Hemorrhoid Relief 60 Capsules

Absorbs clots and arrests bleeding. Helps relieve the symptoms of swelling, pain. Bleeding caused by..


Nature's Green Heat Clearing & Purification Tablets

Product Indication:• Clears heat and toxins, relieves inflammation• Relieve symptoms of sore and swe..


Nature's Green Ilex Pubescens Heart Health 60 Capsules

Promotes blood circulation and alleviates heart pain. Relieves heart disease with the symptoms of ch..