About Us

Established since 1979, Medic Drugstorehas been a beacon in Tanjong Pagar, attracting many folks in the local community to a small 600 square foot one-stop shop where daily necessities and healthcare products are met. It was the favourite haunt of many customers who stay true and loyal to the founder Adelyn - a diligent and down-to-earth woman who understands the need to provide affordable products with very personal service.

About Us

Today, this same belief was inculcated to the next generation of leaders whose Management has perpetuated into a brand mission to help customers attain a better balance in life with our beauty, health and wellness products. We have expanded and upgraded into a 1,200 square foot modern fully air-conditioned store boasting of more than 5,000 health, beauty and personal care stock units. 

Still maintaining its heredity positioning as a Friendly Neighbourhood Store, Medic Drugstore now caters to a wider targeted audience - Professional, Managers, Executives and Business Owners (PMEBs) and Family Groups (Children and Senior Citizens) offering Great Service, Wide Variety of Products and Good Value. 

We are continuously upgrading our store and service to improve the customers' shopping experience with an eye out for speedy checkouts, membership programs, and new and innovative products. Medic Drugstore is destined to be The Place to Enrich the Well-Being of our Customers. 

Great Service
Customers are assured of good home-like hospitality in Medic Drugstore as each and every of our knowledgeable and friendly staff subscribes to the company's customer-centric core values:

Motivated - We go beyond the call of duty to get a job done well
Ethical -  We act in good faith to promote fair practices
Diligent -  We work hard to deliver our brand promise
Innovative - We create new ideas to market high quality products and services
Caring - We make provision to look after your well-being and welfare

Wide Variety of Products 
Customers can also easily browse through our extensive range of orderly displayed products on family-friendly display shelves - Health, Beauty, First-aid, Traditional Chinese Medicines, Rehabilitation, Skin Care, Daily Toiletries, Food, Sports and many more. 
We also cater to Corporations and Companies in their daily essential medical supplies for both their employees as well as in compliance to work safety regulations. 

Good Value
Customers can enjoy discounts, promotions and other loyalty programs through our Family Customer Membership Programs (only available online).
To that end, we are constantly researching, sourcing and purchasing new and innovative products to enrich and enhance our customers' lifestyle. We will be printing brochures and flyers to educate our customers on how to attain a better balance in their lives through relevant advice, new product applications and tips on beauty, health and wellness.